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Passive Safety


About our business:

Goss Italia is primarily involved in passive safety.

Thanks to our team of 170 qualified technicians, we have a qualified consulting, installation and maintenance service, even complex. In addition, for each system, we fully integrate with all the human management and control procedures.
Sicurezza passiva

With the service and maintenance throughout Italy, we quickly guarantee the support of specialized and professional technicians capable of 360 degree security assistance.

Mezzi di trasporto per impianti di sicurezza

Thanks to our vehicles we guarantee an optimal transport and removal service throughout Italy. Small or large sized tow trucks to ensure the handling of heavy weights. We also implement vault and prefabricated rooms.
Consulenza sulla sicurezza

We boast a multi-year experience in the security field that we make available to everyone. We provide our clients with a consulting service, identifying the best solutions to all safety requirements.

Aggiornamenti sulla sicurezza

To keep up-to-date on the technology evolution, our technicians regularly attend update training courses. Through continuous training we are able to cleverly deal on every brand and type of product.